The Phonics Reading Book

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Origin Story

Imagine, your daughter comes to you, one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!"

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Simple Yet Systematic Tools to Walk Non-Readers to Readers!

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Program Introduction

Our Phonics Reading Reading provides more phonics help on each of the reading pages, with hyphenated words added (eg. b-a-t, bat;  c-a-t, cat;  h-a-t, hat;  s-a-t, sat).  The other approach is more of a whole language method, covered in our First Reading Book.  If your child needs some additional work on the alphabet (a prerequisite) or can use some practice manipulating sounds in preparation for our reading book/s, we recommend The Alphabet Book with Pre-Phonics, via our site Pre-Phonics for Preschoolers

 Christine C., parent of three elementary students said, "It's great!"   Another said, "Hannah already can't put it down." -M.B., parent of a Kindergartner.  You see, its simplistic signature page design - REALLY speaks to children at this level! ​​ "Andrew is having a ball. He takes it to bed with him." -J.H., grandparent of a 4 year-old.

Den’s Reading Program -

Local & Correspondence Testimonials

"You should publish it!"
-K.K., Parent of a Kindergartner

"That book is so very cute."
-S.W., Parent of a Kindergartner
"Thank you for such a great resource!" 
-K.B., Kindergarten Teacher
"The pictures are gorgeous. This is great..! 
-W.G., Certified Reading Specialist

​ -many more-