>5-Minute Lessons 

>275 Fun & Easy pages

>Signature Page Design
>No Color-Avoids Distractions
>Coloring Page With Each Lesson 
>Building Blocks to Reading & Spelling


>Section 1 - Short Vowel Book Skills: teaches all letter-sounds except /q/. By the end of Section 1,   children have the tools to read short vowel books!


>Section 2 - Long Vowels, Blends, Segmenting: by the end of Section 2, children have the tools     to read any beginning book!!Type your paragraph here.


>Contributing Author - Rita D. Newman has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Early Childhood   Education, successfully Directed a Preschool for 23 years 

Our goal is to help children learn the wonderful gift of reading with the power of phonics, a learning technique that teaches how to sound and form words. I myself have used this technique with my daughter when she was young. In the end it inspired me to write this book.

Authors reason for the book

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