275 fun and easy pages;  5-minute lessons, coloring page with each lesson;  systematic instruction;  $10.95

Origin: imagine, your daughter comes to you, one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!"  Surprised, I was. But, perhaps, it had something to do with her being in my mom's preschool for the prior two years - since she was three.

At any rate, I went ahead and purchased a couple of books on Amazon (to remain nameless) only to find more difficulties than help there.  So, I asked a friend of mine, whose son was reading on a 2nd-grade level, in his and my daughter's preschool class the year before. I asked, "How'd you teach Jason to read?" She replied, "With 3-letter words."  With those words, Den's Elementary Reading Program (DERP) began.

Within three months, Nick walked his daughter from non-reader to reader - with 5-minute lessons, approximately four days per week; and they were bonding, to boot! 


It worked so well, Nick started offering it out to parents in his daughter's Kindergarten class, and they started raving about it.  Christine C., parent of three elementary students said, "It's great!"   Another said, "Hannah already can't put it down." -M.B., parent of a Kindergartner.  You see, its simplistic signature page design - REALLY speaks to children at this level! ​​ "Andrew is having a ball. He takes it to bed with him." -J.H., grandparent of a 4 year-old.